Juniors Blitz the Senior Class in Inaugural Powderpuff Game


Noreen Chung

The Class of 2023 runs through their entry sign in the beginning of the powderpuff football game Nov. 22.

Juliette Nichols, Sports Reporter

WOODBURY — The cold November air did not deter the upperclassmen girls as the Class of 2024 defeated the Class of 2023 on Nov. 22 on the Nonnewaug turf.  Pulling off the upset, the juniors won by a two-point margin, 29-27, to become the inaugural powderpuff football champions. 

Leading into the game, referee and social studies teacher Kyle Brennan gave the fans an in-depth look at the rosters of both teams, and the keys to a successful match. The seniors were noted to have the advantage of added depth considering the size of their roster in comparison to the junior group. 

The Class of ‘23 also had strength on their team that fought against the fire of the speed of the junior squad. Both teams had very athletic-looking rosters, and this paved the way for a well-fought game. 

The Class of 2024 hoists the trophy up in the air post-powderpuff game. (NHS Athletics Instagram)

Junior Gianna Lodice, who won the game’s MVP award, showed up to play. With three touchdowns, she tore up the Nonnewaug turf, surprising everyone with football skills no one knew she had. 

“Initially I was unsure about how the game was going to go since the seniors were predicted to win for the most part,” said Lodice. “But we pulled together in a big way for the victory, and I think we made it a great game for everyone to watch and the first of many powderpuffs at our school.” 

Along with Lodice, several other players also achieved a spot on Nonnewaug’s first All-Powderpuff team: Charlotte D’Alexander ‘23, Maylan Hardisty ‘24, Mallory Tomkalski ‘23, and Sarah Cipriani ‘23. 

Junior Madison Willis was a fan who not only loved the outcome of the game, but the new tradition that it has started.

“It was a great game and even better to see the juniors win,” Willis said. “They worked really hard and it’s starting a new tradition at Nonnewaug. I can’t wait to play next year!”

Both teams scored in the final minute of the game to force overtime. Despite the dropping temperature and tired legs, the juniors pulled away with the winning two-point conversion after going back and forth several times. 

The Class of 2025 will challenge the reigning champs next fall for a shot at the trophy. For both the players and fans, Nonnewaug is proud to have started a new tradition on its home turf.