Pursuit of Perfection: The Determination and Dedication of Lodice’s Hard Work


Noreen Chung

Gianna Lodice has been an integral member of the girls soccer team since her freshman year.

Julianna Bellagamba, Sports Reporter

WOODBURY — “Getting ready to step on the field or get on the line are feelings that I wouldn’t trade for the whole world,” said junior Gianna Lodice as she laced up her sneakers prior to track practice.

These are just some of the thoughts that go through Lodice’s head on a daily basis. Sports are always on her mind. Whether it’s a soccer game, track meet, or even just routine training, Lodice brings out her best. 

Her work ethic is great,” said Nonnewaug track coach Arleigh Duff. “She puts the time in the weight room and on the track to be great at what she does. She is also a great leader who gets the rest of the team to work hard.

“She is very efficient with her work on and off the field,” added Nonnewaug girls soccer head coach Nick Sheikh. “She is very speedy and knows where the ball is at all times.”

And speedy she is. 

On the track, Lodice takes on one of the most challenging events, the 300-meter hurdles. Believe it or not, Lodice had never raced in the 300-meter hurdles until the middle of the 2022 season.

“I feel that Gianna is a great all-around athlete,” added Duff. “Combined with her speed and ability, she would be great at the 300-meter hurdles. Hurdles, both the 100 and 300 meters, are both tough events that require a lot of attention to detail and work ethic. That is why I knew she could be a hurdler, and it has paid off for her and the team.”

Lodice poses with her Marty Roberts Invitational best female athlete for hurdlers award. (Photo Credit: Marty Roberts Invitational Staff)

Lodice’s mind is filled with significant memories and achievements, but there’s one in particular that stands out.

“My favorite memory in track was when I placed second for the 300-meter hurdles last season at the Class M state meet, which is what brought me to [the] State Open,” Lodice said. 

During the 2022 soccer season, Lodice was named a first-team Berkshire League all-star. Along with that, she and the team won the Berkshire League title for the second straight season.

“One of my favorite memories in soccer would be winning the Berkshire League championship game this season,” said Lodice. “I had a very good game and the team totally deserved it. It was a great way to end the regular season.” 

Along with these tremendous athletic qualities, Lodice also has many admirable qualities on and off the field. 

“I don’t settle for low grades, so I am always on myself about getting my school work done, and doing it the right way,” said Lodice.

Her personality is also something that stands out to her friends. 

“Gianna is a really kind and caring person who always knows how to make other people laugh,” said Katie Alexander, Lodice’s friend since elementary school. “She has a very friendly and outgoing personality. She always puts a smile on the faces of people around her.”