Kayci Hungerford’s Walk from the Shadows and into the Spotlight



Kayci Hungerford’s love for agriculture stems from her relationship with her sister, a relationship that was strengthened while her sister taught on campus.

Justice Mulder, Reporter

WOODBURY — Finding out that your sister is going to be teaching the veterinary science program might go one or two ways: react in jubilation or in horror. Kayci Hungerford, the younger sister of Jesse Hungerford, who served as a long-term vet science substitute, was faced with this exact scenario. Rather than viewing her sister’s arrival with panic, Kayci saw it as an opportunity.

“Nothing has changed between me and my sister’s relationship,” says Kayci, a junior in the agriscience program. “I would always talk to my sister about my day at school, the only thing that has changed is now she knows who I’m talking about.”

Having a sister working in your school as faculty, albeit even temporarily, had its perks. Kayci found that her sister was very helpful, and she has been that way even before she was a fill in here at Nonnewaug. 

“I really love having my sister in the program with me,” Hungerford added. “Even when she wasn’t in the program, she would help me with work.”  

The two Hungerfords, for a time, called the same campus home. They even carpooled together, though their relationship has also been connected to agriculture.

Even before Jesse was hired as a long-term sub at Nonnewaug, Kayci was still able to learn more about agriculture through her sister’s knowledge from being a previous student at Nonnewaug. 

“When she wasn’t working in the ag program she still was very helpful to me and would give her opinion on my work and on the program,” said Kayci. “It’s also nice to have a ride to and from school.” 

Kayci liked to have her sister working in the ag building; however, there were some lingering concerns. 

“I feel because my siblings have gone through ag and now that my sister is working here, that I’m not so much my own person,” Kayci said. “I’m sort of living in the shadows of my siblings.” 

When you are known as someone’s sister your whole life living in the shadows isn’t something you want to be doing forever. Kayci wants something to separate her from her siblings, something that makes her feel like herself. 

“When I think of college and what I want to do with my life I want to choose something that makes me stand out from my other siblings, something I can do that has no correlation to them and something that makes me my own person,” Kayci said. 

Kayci prides herself on being a caring and close friend to many. Some of Kayci’s closest friends are all in agreement that she is a very good and honest friend. 

“When I think of Kayci I think of how smart, helpful and kind she is. She’s always there for you when you need someone,” says Jillian Brown, one of Kayci’s closest friends and fellow agriscience student. “She’s incredibly respectful and always down to listen to you when you need to rant to someone.” 

“Kayci is a close friend of mine we always hang out with,” says Shanyn Hardisty. “She’s open and honest and always lets you know if something is wrong. She’s always willing to help out others when they’re in need of it.”