No Mystery Why ‘Clue’ a Hit for Nonnewaug Drama


Kyle Brennan

The cast of “Clue” takes its curtain call after the Dec. 8 performance at Nonnewaug.

Maia Colavito, Reporter

WOODBURY — “Mrs. Peacock did it with the lead pipe in the lounge!”

Wild accusations similar to this flew across the stage Dec. 8 and 9 as Nonnewaug students brought this mysterious game to life.  

“It was very nerve-racking, but also so exciting,” said June Robinson, a freshman who played Mr. Green. “It’s just a great thing because when you work on something for so long, and then you get to showcase it to people, you just feel super confident and excited.” 

On the night of the first showing, students and staff nearly filled the whole theater, social studies teacher Kyle Brennan being among the entertained crowd.

“I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did,” Brennan said. “It was a credit to how strong the comedic delivery of our student actors was.”

And laugh they did, with the whole show filled with comedic highlights brought by performers like Nicole Dionne as the Butler, and Enzo Pamplona as Colonel Mustard.

Another actor in the show, Campbell Bologna who played Professor Plum, talks about some of the things the cast did to stay calm while under pressure.

“We all put our hands in the middle and chant quacks; we all sound like ducks,” Bologna said. “It kind of calms everyone’s nerves down which is great, and for a lot of our cast members it was also their first opening night, so it was good to keep them entertained and have them get the adrenaline they need.”

For the audience, the performance seemed nearly carefree, and was decidedly another great production brought on by Nonnewaug Drama Club. Being the only freshman, Robinson also felt the nerves, but agreed that she was proud of how it went.

“The play went really great,” Robinson says. “There were some bumps and bruises, and it was a bit rough, but we did great. I’m proud of everyone, the crew and the cast we did amazing.”

Now that the fall play is over, Nonnewaug students and staff can expect to look forward to the next production in the spring. The group will present a musical, The Wizard of Oz.

“Staff members I don’t know were complementing me about the show,” Campbell said, “and it gives me more confidence and courage for the show in the spring.”