Senior Class Council Hopes Enchanted Garden Theme Makes Prom Magical


Genevieve Richmond

The Class of 2023 Class Council created a concept board to illustrate the enchanted garden idea that will serve as this year’s prom theme.

Anna Crocker, Reporter

WOODBURY — With spring coming soon, many upperclassmen have started planning the 2023 prom. The theme was a big decision, and Senior Class Council members were the ones who had to come up with it. 

The theme is an enchanted garden, which will feature a mix of natural tones and lighting. Although compellingly unique, it was not an easy conclusion to settle on.

“We had some difficulty coming up with a good solid list of themes,” says senior Jamie Paige, the senior class treasurer. “We felt like the theme was really important, and we really wanted to emphasize that.” 

Another Senior Class Council member, Emma Primini, wanted to make sure the upperclassmen have a positive and memorable experience.

“Organizing a prom theme has been more difficult than originally anticipated,” says Primini. “As an organization that prides itself in creating memorable experiences for our class, we definitely have put a lot of consideration into this year’s theme.”

The Senior Class Council decided to allow seniors to propose theme ideas and then have a vote on the top ideas for the theme. The majority of seniors voted for the enchanted garden theme. 

“We were initially toying between masquerade and enchanted garden,” says Paige. “We realized that masquerade might not be feasible for us to put on, as some upperclassmen might not want to participate in the theme.”

Primini says that the deciding factor was that an enchanted garden will allow the Class Council to decorate the venue in a special way.

“We decided on an enchanted garden as we can really decorate Aqua Turf and make it special,” says Primini. “Class Council wanted something that we could personally be involved in and we have members who want to help with flower arrangements.”

The 2023 prom is set for Friday, May 19 at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington. Tickets will go on sale in March.