Lack of Snowfall Affects Nonnewaug Students in More Ways Than One


Alex Lange via Unsplash

Good skiing conditions require cold weather and a large amount of snow, without it skiing numbers find themselves decreasing.

Fiona Gengenbach, Reporter

Vermont’s ski resorts looked much snowier this winter season than those in Connecticut. (Charlotte D’Alexander)

WOODBURY — This winter was pathetic to say the least, breaking records for one of the warmest winters Connecticut has ever seen. With the warm temperatures came a lack of snow. 

The small amount of snowfall this season has made a strong impact on Nonnewaug students and even affected some of their incomes.

Jacob Wells, a Nonnewaug senior, has been working for Mohawk Mountain as a ski instructor, but his hours were impacted by the warmer weather. 

“I’ve also been called off completely from work because there wasn’t any snow, so no one booked lessons,” said Wells. “I’ve only worked one day at Mohawk where I’ve been completely booked for lessons so the rest of the day, when I don’t teach, I’m just getting paid to ski.”

Many would view this as a good gig, but Wells also makes his money from tips. With no lessons booked, tips are hard to come by. 

Charlotte D’Alexander, another Nonnewaug senior, is an avid skier, but she found herself traveling north to the slopes in Vermont due to Connecticut’s poor conditions. 

“The lack of snow is why I haven’t skied in Connecticut this season,” said D’Alexander. “The upkeep of snow in Vermont has been consistent whether it’s snowing or the production of making snow. Multiple trails are open in Vermont compared to other local Connecticut mountains.”

More northern states are offering the snow that Connecticut couldn’t offer this season. The warm weather made it increasingly difficult to produce artificial snow, and that forced skiers and snowboarders to go elsewhere. 

Plowing services, skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports instructors have found themselves lacking this winter. Who knew snowfall could have such a great impact on many Connecticut residents. 

Not all residents have been affected negatively. Many enjoyed the warm weather and not having to shovel their driveways.

“The warm weather this winter has been so nice,” said Nonnewaug senior Sage Mauro. “It makes me more productive and makes running outside easier rather than just using a treadmill.”