Orosz: Sordi’s Impact on Me

Madelynn Orosz, Ag/FFA Editor

After juggling between school, an MBLE presentation, softball game and awards ceremony, Madelynn Orosz poses with Principal Pam Sordi and Harlow the rabbit, dubbed “Mr. Harlow” by Sordi. (Missy Orosz)

The average high school student in the country probably doesn’t know their principal very well. Maybe they only have a negative association when they hear the principal’s name or are scared to go to their office. 

But Pam Sordi isn’t your average principal; she is much more.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Sordi for the first time at freshman orientation. I don’t remember much about the conversation I had with her other than remembering how welcoming she was to me as an out-of-district kid and her overall kindness to all she met that day. 

Since then, my relationship with Mrs. Sordi has grown. She has consistently greeted me every morning with a smile, asked how my day was going, and has supported my journey at Nonnewaug in many ways.

Mrs. Sordi is always there to listen to me, whether it’s chit-chatting about the latest drama, talking about our rabbits, or complaining about my busy schedule. 

She has always been a great listener and talking to her always makes my day. 

“[Sordi] is always there for me when I have a problem and finds a solution,” said Ryan Wicklund, a Nonnewaug senior. “She comes to us with an open mind and doesn’t treat us like we are inferior,” said Wicklund. 

Ryan and I received the 2022 Principal’s Awards from Mrs. Sordi after years of us getting to know her well. 

Pam Sordi poses with Ryan Wicklund and Joe Velky in honor of FFA spirit week. Sordi has grown strong relationships with every student that has entered the doors of Nonnewaug. (Contributed)

Another impact Mrs. Sordi has had on me is that even though she has a schedule worthy of pulling the hair out of the average adult’s hair, she always finds time to make herself present with the students. 

Mrs. Sordi came to watch a softball game last spring, and as I was walking and talking with her afterward, she asked me to watch her dog while she went around to talk to everyone at the baseball game, – What an honor!

She also has come to multiple swim meets over the years, being our biggest fan cheering in the stands and supporting us. I have never seen a principal be so enthusiastic at all sporting events, from tennis to football and everything in between. 

 Mrs. Sordi is also very involved when it comes to the FFA. Being an out-of-district student, I remember her welcoming us to Region 14 and telling us how special it was that we left our hometowns to pursue agriculture. Her inclusiveness of us made us feel right at home, although we may have struggled socially to find our group of friends right away. 

She’s also been present in the classrooms and lab spaces of the ag program. She has driven the tractors with the freshman, made flower arrangements, and helped with various baby animals.

“Mrs. Sordi has done tremendous things for the ag program. She always comes to our banquet and supports it. I have brought many events to her and she has approved everything from Ag Olympics and even helping the Timber Team get going,” said Wicklund. “It’s great how much she’s done for [ag].”

During summer vacation, Pam Sordi spoke to the crowd of current families, alumni and supporters of the Woodbury FFA during the chapter’s 100+2 year celebration dinner. Sordi’s speech left the room speechless, her public speaking being a strong suit of hers many remember her for. (Madelynn Orosz)

I remember when she even stayed to watch a necropsy of a rabbit during her teacher evaluation, braving the smell and asking questions along the way. 

Her dedication to her students, no matter the situation, is admirable and something I’m sure every student will remember about her. 

“She’s amazing,” said Wicklund. “She has definitely left an impact on my life and she was a great principal. She’s my favorite principal I’ve ever had.”

To Mrs. Sordi: Congrats on your retirement, you have touched the lives of countless students during your educational career. I wish you the best of luck in wherever life takes you after you close this chapter of your life and start your next. You’re the best! 

— Maddie