Readying the Blaze: Color Blaze and Pep Rally Revamped



Jamie Paige and other committee members were hard at work preparing for the upcoming event by filling bottles of powder and setting up the games.

Genieva Pawlowski, Campus News Editor

WOODBURY — With the annual Color Blaze around the corner, the event planning committee has been working nonstop to perfect this event. This year, instead of having just the tug of war, many games will be set up for all grades — including a giant cup pong.

Every year, Nonnewaug has started the color blaze off with announcements from class advisors and instructions. These instructions included where students are going to throw the powder, when they will throw it, and what students will be picked from each class to participate in the games.

The Event Club has planned for the school to meet in the fields to set off their color war, but this year there will be a twist: the rules have changed.

Whichever class has the least amount of color on them wins. It will be a battle against the grades, and seniors hope to keep their winning streak following their win during the winter pep rally.

“I think it is a good opportunity for us [seniors] to end our four years off on a good note,” says senior Hannah Ely.

Tricia Brown, the Event Club advisor adds, “the pep rally will be a little longer by request of the students.” 

Seniors will be given the most powder because of their latest win during the red-out winter pep rally. Originally set for April 27, the color blaze will now be May 12 because of chilly and potentially rainy weather on the original date.

The spring spirit week includes days like Crocs and pajamas, as well as a blackout. These days are picked by students who run the committee based on a Google Form made for the student body to give input about what they would like to see.

“We’re still working on it,” says Brown, “but we have to make sure there are enough T-shirts and a good amount of participation; I want to not over-order.”

Due to the previous years, Brown and committee members realized that the color powder was never distributed equally among the grades.

All of the supplies that are used during the color blaze are paid for by the many pep rally swag and homecoming ticket sales throughout the year. (Genieva Pawlowski)

“Everyone should get a set amount. Color powder needs to be monitored this year,” says Brown. “We are going to be having the pep rally portion on the turf.”

A fact around NHS that many students and staff agree on is Nonnewaug’s constant drive for competition. 

“I think students look forward to it. They like the competition of the games and the fact that it’s outside,” says Brown.

The competition is what the students, especially the seniors, live for at NHS. 

“Nonnewaug loves competition; it’s in our DNA to be competitive,” says Declan Curtin, the dean of students and athletic director at NHS. “I like the fact that we can compete [at the pep rally].” 

The color blaze took place last year as well as the same pep rallies.

“Other activities would be fun, such as breakout room scavenger hunt,” says Curtin.

Staff have noticed the class of 2023 have been showing some apathy towards pep rallies and events. The committee has found ways to make seniors even more excited.

“I am most excited for the giant cup pong this year,” says Ely.

Senior Anna Solicito claims that the same events get repetitive after a while.

“It’s always the same events and games,” says Solicito. “I want to see something new this year.”

This spring, however, the committee has created a new array of activities and games to partake in to get more students involved.

“Only boring people get bored,” says Curtin. “[The color blaze] gives people the opportunity to get involved and to get colorful.”