A Taste of Americana with the NHS Music Department


Missy Orosz

The spring concert April 29 was a display of all the work done by the choir and orchestra during the school year. (Missy Orosz)

Madelynn Orosz, Ag/FFA Editor

WOODBURY — The sounds of patriotism rang through the auditorium as the Nonnewaug music department presented its ideas of Americana to attendees of the spring concert April 29. 

“Our music has been inspired by how the members of the orchestra think of and view their lives in America,” said Dr. Jason Bouchard, director of fine arts and orchestra teacher. “The music was voted on out of 14 different pieces of music.” 

Although the theme was Americana, the concert showcased much more of the program.

“[The spring concert] was a representation of multiple things. It showcased the ensemble’s musical growth, the ensemble’s musicianship, as well as the new members and growth of student participation and our seniors for how they are appreciated by the ensemble,” said Bouchard. 

The concert opened up with Where the Black Hawk Soars by the orchestra, followed by Lean on Me by the choir. 

The orchestra performed Rhapsody in Blue and the choir sang California Dreamin’. 

The orchestra played all three movements of the Nathan Hale Trilogy before the choir sang Higher and Higher. 

The final single ensemble portion of the concert had the orchestra perform When the Spring Rain Begins to Fall, the choir sang Homeward Bound and the orchestra played As if On Wings. 

The seniors of the orchestra and choir were honored during the concert for their contributions to the music program over their four years. (Missy Orosz)

The two ensembles came together to perform Within These Hallowed Halls, which told the tale of America’s founding and the struggles and triumphs over the years covering the founding of the country, the Civil War, and more. 

The seniors were honored for their years of dedicated hard work to the program before the senior song, Rainbow Connection, from the Muppets was played by the orchestra and sung by the choir. 

“We did great,” said Emily Lungarini, a senior in the orchestra. “It was amazing to see the growth of everyone throughout the school year as well for us seniors over the past four years.”

“That was the best senior concert I could’ve asked for,” said Nicole Dionne, an orchestra senior.

Dionne and Lungarini conducted pieces in the concert as part of being student leaders in the music department. The student leadership and effort by the groups didn’t go unnoticed by members of the public that attended the April 29 concert. 

An email sent to Bouchard following the concert included, “I was blown away by the first song from the orchestra, so very professional sounding. It continued on from there. Everyone’s hard work paid off. Thought I was at the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra, very nice job.”

Another email following the concert read, “I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the concert today. The grandparents were so amazed! It has been enjoyable to see the orchestra grow and evolve. So much talent! We appreciate all you have done to support our musicians!”

The crowd’s positive energy matched that of the students.

“The positivity of the student musicians, their approach to performing and helping each other learn the music and create this concert. I know on Saturday we left our audience transformed by what we all realized just how much and how powerful those experiences have been to all of us this year,” said Bouchard.

The music department will continue on their success of the spring concert for the Memorial Day parades in Woodbury and Bethlehem on May 28 and 29.