Coachella Packs Weekends Full of Drama


One of the many tents decorated for the annual music festival Coachella, where many people hang out during the weekend. (Coachella/Instagram)

Madison Stewart , Reporter

Arts, media, and entertainment show no exception to reporting any kind of drama no matter the time. This past weekend was no exception to the extensive amount of drama to take place during the biggest music and arts festival of the year.

Coachella is an annual music and arts festival whose goal is to celebrate both popular and established music artists and bands over a few weekends of enjoyment. What it does not anticipate, however, is the heap of drama that have emerged from the first week of the festival.

Frank Ocean announced that he would not perform at the second week of Coachella after a reportedly “disappointing” first performance. Then, attendees revealed that when you’re not a celebrity the festival isn’t as fun as it seems. Finally, ex-celebrity couple Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello potentially reunited during the festivities. It was an entire weekend’s worth of drama coursing throughout the three nights.

Ocean started receiving backlash after he was reportedly one hour late to his highly anticipated Coachella performance. Coming off of a six-year break from performing, what was previously an eagerly awaited performance quickly turned into a spew of backlash towards the artist.

Many fans say the setlist consisted of only six of his original songs, long and awkward pauses between songs, and an overall lack of energy from the performer. It’s safe to say Ocean became a villain overnight. In later news, Ocean canceled his performances for the following week per his doctor’s request. Some fans feel sympathetic toward the artist. 

“After losing his brother, I think the performance was an opportunity for Frank Ocean to reconnect with the music world,” says Emma Primini, a senior at Nonnewaug and Frank Ocean fan. “Although he came on late and then had to end his set early because of Coachella curfew, it was a way for music fans to connect with a rather seclusive artist.”

Focusing more on the general public, many attendees of the festival have expressed their concerns regarding the unsatisfactory atmosphere of Coachella when you’re not a celebrity. Attendees complained that they spent most of their time waiting in long lines for bathrooms, showers, and food, as well as hidden additional fees many weren’t prepared for. Many fans have taken to TikTok to express their more realistic view of Coachella, while others are surprised by some of the attendees’ opinions of their experience.

“I don’t relate to the complaints about it being unromanticized,” says Genna Riggi, an art teacher at Nonnewaug who previously attended Coachella. “My experience with Coachella was great. The weather was just beautiful, the music, the art and design, the food — everything was beautiful. I felt like just being an attendee there made you feel like a celebrity, just being a part of the whole experience.”

On more celebrity matters, fans claimed to have witnessed Mendes and Cabello reuniting during the weekend. Other news and media organizations shared a video that many deemed to be the two kissing, but it has yet to be confirmed. Many fans have expressed their excitement surrounding the topic.

“I’m not surprised that they’re back together,” says Sara Norton, a junior at Nonnewaug. “I love their relationship, and even though I think getting back together with your ex is a bad idea, I wish them the best.”