Exam Day Technical Glitch Creates Headaches for NHS Students and Staff


The AP Literature exam, originally scheduled for May 3rd, has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 17th due to a College Board technical issue. This change has create a litany of scheduling conflicts for students.

Rachel Dionne, Reporter

WOODBURY — AP exam week is already stressful enough for not only students who are taking the exam itself, but also events coordinated around it.

Imagine this: The whole year you’ve been preparing to take an exam digitally, and now due to a sudden change of plans, requires that you have to take the exam on paper in the afternoon two weeks later.

Originally the AP Lit Exam was scheduled for May 3, but due to a nationwide College Board crash for digital exam takers, no student was able to begin the exam on the scheduled date.

“Some of us can’t even take it on the new date,” says Maddie Innes, a senior at NHS and AP Literature student. “We have to wait another week in that case.”

The new date for the exam was scheduled for May 17, but throughout that week, students were not only stressing over the postponed exam, but have to worry about prom just two days after. 

This change of schedule also throws off students’ sports, work, and after-school plans.

“About 20 students will have to take this exam on, I believe, May 24,” says Julie Heller, Nonnewaug’s literacy specialist. “Since most students taking this exam are seniors, that date is now bumping up against other activities that are a normal part of getting ready to graduate.”

Adding to the scheduling stress, there was also an MBLE showcase May 17 that many seniors were planning to attend, as this was the last showcase before the school year ends. 

“We’ve put a plan in place to allow those students affected to present to Mrs. [Nicole] Lewis, Mrs. [Kathy] Green, or myself over the next two weeks,” said Jessica McKay, the MBLE coordinator. “Although MBLE is a graduation requirement and we take it very seriously.

Student-athletes from the baseball and tennis teams were affected by the scheduling conflict. The May 17 exam was slated to take place on the same day as the boys’ tennis Berkshire League tournament and the baseball and softball team’s games against Northwestern.

“The exam switching from morning to afternoon is definitely inconvenient,” says Innes. “I have classes right before the exam now.”

“Seniors should be able to begin relaxing and celebrating their graduation,” says Heller. “Instead, they will be taking yet another exam.”