Excitement Blooms as Woodbury FFA’s Annual Plant Sale and Rabies Clinic Approaches


Nonnewaug will hold their annual plant sale and rabies clinic this Saturday 9-1. Junior Amy Byler prepares the greenhouse for what she hopes will be a large community turnout.

Emma Cummings, Ag/FFA Reporter

WOODBURY — Amidst the spring season, the Woodbury FFA’s event schedule is in full swing. As many new events are brought each year to expand the fun, some of the older ones will stay, too.

On May 13, students and faculty of the Woodbury FFA program will take on the challenge of two big-hit events in one day: The Woodbury FFA plant sale and rabies clinic. 

“The part of the plant sale I’m most excited about is selling out on Saturday,” said Eric Birkenberger, NHS horticulture teacher and plant sale advisor. “The quality of the plants are so awesome. I think we’re going to sell out early and I think the customers are going to be super happy.”

“I am most excited to see all of our hard work pay off on the day of the sale,” Amy Byler, NHS junior horticulture student said. “We have spent the past few months preparing and I know it’ll be worth it when all of our customers are happy on Saturday.”

Every year, the plant sale has a significant turnout, but the work that these students put in most certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. 

“Attending the plant sale would benefit our FFA organization,” says Birkenberger. “Also, it means something when you purchase something that the students made because it really validates what the students are doing and learning.”

Adding to the excitement of the weekend is the Mother’s Day holiday that adds even more emphasis on the beauty and quality of Saturday’s plant sale. 

“Something new we have this year is geraniums in Mother’s Day pots, the perfect gift for your mom along with some other plants,” says Lily McDonald, NHS junior horticulture student. “We have plain potted geraniums and the geraniums in Mother’s Day pots for a little extra cash but it’s completely worth it for the cute pot.”

In addition to the plant sale, an on-campus rabies clinic will be held. 

“The thing I’m most looking forward to for the rabies clinic is just working with the animals and learning how to properly take care of the animals with shots and rabies,” said Chase Heidorn, NHS sophomore veterinary science student. 

“I think I have some students that are coming who would like to be veterinarians and one of the most important parts of being a veterinarian or being in the industry is record keeping,” said Jennifer Jedd, NHS veterinary science instructor. “Recordkeeping correctly especially because rabies is a legal document and law so it has to be done correctly so it’s really good for people to know how to do it.”

Jedd and her veterinary students hope this year’s clinic will draw more pet owners than ever. 

“I’m hoping that our increased advertisement this year pays off and I’m hoping for over 30 people to come to the rabies clinic,” said Jedd. “I’m also looking forward to bringing my own cat.”

“Please bring any dogs or cats to the rabies clinic. It is going to be $20 per vaccine,” Jedd adds. “The first 20 vaccines will be free thanks to a generous anonymous donor.”