Seniors’ Guide Through the Swimming Pool: The Class of ‘23 Answer WMS’ Most Pressing Questions


Genieva Pawlowski

Nonnewaug is ready to open their doors to the incoming freshmen and say goodbye to the class of 2023. With all of the green and colors that come along with spring, campus looks beautiful around this time.

Genieva Pawlowski, Campus News Editor

WOODBURY — Transitioning from middle school to a freshman in high school can be overwhelming and even scary. Not every student has the same experiences, and many have questions about what to expect, what not to do, what to do, and even what to wear.

Welcome to the deep end of the pool, freshmen.

Having a senior being able to answer those questions can really help — and that’s where I come in. I, along with some of my fellow 2023 graduates, seek to bring peace of mind to the class of 2027 by answering questions from Woodbury Middle School eighth-graders.

Does the drama and gossip get worse or better?

All of your life you will have to figure out how to settle your problems. Being in high school alone does not make people mature. However, you will find that many of your classmates and you will find things that pique your interest and become a better distraction than gossip. 

The lockers in the ag building are the most used in the building. Many students keep their boots and spare clothing to change into. (Genieva Pawlowski)

How convenient are lockers? How do you organize your lockers in time?

The first time I came into contact with my locker was also the last. Lockers are not useful unless you play a sport or use your assigned ag locker in the ag building.

How involved in personal matters is the school administration at NHS?

Hannah Ely, senior at NHS, believes the administration is very involved in personal matters.

“Extremely [involved],” Ely said. “I think they involve themselves a little too much at times.”

The administration strives to see their students and staff not only safe but happy. They want everyone to be comfortable in school and have helped many students through issues.

Is there recess or something like that?

“There’s breaks, like reading time and lunch, [and] reading time is 15 minutes at the start of fifth period to do unfinished work or read a book before class starts,” says senior Anna Solicito.

There are also study halls if you sign up for them, but study halls will not fit into your schedule until about junior year. Study halls are a chance to relax and get some work done alone.

Are there fall sports practices in the summer? How does it affect your summer plans?

“There are get-togethers [for fall sports teams] but not practices,” says senior Max Wolff, who played soccer. “Try not to plan vacations at the end of August if you are committed because team practices begin before the school year starts. Try to be flexible and let your guardians know you might need rides for practices. Start connecting with upperclassmen who will be able to give you a ride.”

When being a student-athlete at the high school, does it get harder to balance homework and practice? In what way?

“Most coaches are flexible when it comes to school work and they will understand if you have homework or make up a test as a freshman,” says Jack Wendel, a senior wrestler. “Stay in contact with your coaches.”

Should I choose classes that are college prep even if I was recommended for honors so the workload isn’t too overwhelming?

“Take your honors courses,” Wendel said. “It will be a small challenge, but it will do you better in the future. It will be worth it.”

Who is the coolest teacher?

In senior Kayla Cote’s opinion, “[English teacher Katy Aseltine] is understanding and helps you catch up on missing work.”

Wendel enjoyed science teacher Katie Yocis: “She is loud and a great teacher that ensures that you know what you’re doing. She teaches a class where you see the results in everyday life, her chem and forensics class.”

Connecting with the teachers is an easy process at NHS. With all the welcoming smiles and friendliness, you will find your favorite teacher quickly.

Is there’s a place I could go if I needed alone time, or if there’s someone you would suggest I can talk to?

“The best place to go for comfort is either the nurse, Mrs. Snabaits, or the counselors you are assigned to. Any of the counselors will welcome you with open arms,” says senior Madilyn Chalker.

How did you make friends?

Making friends in high school always seems scary for many incoming freshmen. You will have a wide variety of people coming to Nonnewaug, both out-of-district kids and in-district kids. 

Cote said she made friends “through the ag program and my tennis team.”

It’s important to get involved in clubs and/or sports. They are a great way to support the school and make lifelong friends.

Is there cell service or WiFi at the high school?

Yes, the school does provide WiFi for the student’s devices, but this does not mean students will be able to use them frequently. 

What should I NOT do?

“Do not create meaningless drama with people,” Chalker said. “Make the time you have in high school worth your teenage years.”