Berkshire League Shrinks Yet Again: Cowboys and Warriors Merging into Bobcats


Juliette Nichols

Wamogo High School will be home of the soon-to-be merged Region 20, a combination of Litchfield and Wamogo students.

Juliette Nichols, Sports Reporter

LITCHFIELD — The end of a decade-long rivalry is about to come to its end as the Berkshire League will drop yet another team. Going from nine schools to eight, the 2024-25 sports season will be the opener of the new combined Litchfield and Wamogo high schools.

Previously one of the strongest cross-town rivalries within the league, each district’s voters passed the decision to go ahead with the merger. 

Currently, both Wamogo High School and Litchfield High School are some of the smallest schools in Connecticut. By merging, the school’s population will be around 600, which compares to Nonnewaug’s average of around 700. 

However, this new combination has its pros and cons. It decreases the amount of coaching positions as well as varsity positions on each sports team. 

Regan Bates, a sophomore at Wamogo, will be a senior when the merger officially happens. 

“I’m really excited for the friendships and new teammates that will come from the merge,” Bates said. “But no more rivalry night is taking away from what a lot of people play for and the most exciting game night of the season. I do believe that it will make us a stronger team in general, but it will definitely be a change.” 

From Nonnewaug’s point of view, the merger will strengthen the BL in some ways.

Litchfield and Wamogo already share Central Office staff, but beginning July 1, 2024, the two schools will officially become one. (Juliette Nichols)

“There are only a few sports teams from Wamogo and Litchfield that are dominant in the Berkshire League right now,” NHS three-sport athlete Gianna Lodice commented. “I think combining them is going to bring together a bunch of solid athletes from both schools, and it will definitely be something we need to watch out for in the next sports seasons.” 

Nonnewaug cross country coach and track coach Arleigh Duff is thoughtful about the new opportunities given to this new region. 

“This combination will make them better as an athletic body for sure,” Duff said. “They have a bigger pool to draw from. It’s kind of like if we combined with Shepaug or Thomaston; it makes us better because of the increase in athletes.” 

According to the Republican-American, there have been more than 400 nominations for potential school names. The most popular contenders so far have been Western Hills Regional High School, “West Hills Regional High School, Lakeview Regional High School and Hillside Regional High School.

Based on online surveys, voters decided that the school’s new mascot will be the Bobcats and their new colors will be dark blue, teal, and silver gray.

The merger will become official on July 1, 2024.