Chief Advocate Staff Gives Advice to Younger Selves



The Chief Advocate’s editors and senior reporters attended a journalism conference at Southern Connecticut State University in October. On the verge of graduation, they were asked to give advice to their younger selves.

Izzy DiNunzio, Community and Multimedia Editor

WOODBURY — The future is petrifying, exciting and daunting because it is the unknown, while the past is the past. If Nonnewaug seniors could tell their younger selves one thing, what would it be?

Twelve years of their lives have been spent in a classroom, whether that be through Google Meet or at a desk. No matter what, it has always been mandatory to show up. Yet, upon graduation, absences will not matter anymore, tardies will be a thing of the past and the seniors will set off on their own journeys. 

This is what the student journalists from the class of 2023 would say to their younger selves.

Samantha Conti, Chief Advocate editor-in-chief and three-sport athlete

“Learn to let things go because they don’t matter in the big scheme of things. Drama does not matter and will not matter.” 

Madelynn Orosz, Chief Advocate ag/FFA editor and FFA reporter

“Don’t be upset if someone does not want to be your friend. Your friends will find you; don’t force yourself in. Take advantage of every free thing given to you, like Costco samples or books, and go on every field trip you can because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”  

Zoie Cole, Chief Advocate assistant features editor

“Always be happy on your own. Don’t rely on anyone for your happiness.”

Ben Stewart, Chief Advocate sports editor and two-sport athlete

“Don’t sweat the small things and don’t take everything personally.”

Genieva Pawlowski, Chief Advocate campus news editor

“Focus on your studies more than anything else because it will show.”

Rachel Dionne, Chief Advocate reporter

“It’s good to have a good friend group. The size does not matter, and don’t focus on that.”

Christian Swanson, Chief Advocate reporter and two-sport athlete

“Try harder in school.”

Andrew Greene, Chief Advocate reporter and two-sport athlete

“Think about what you are doing.” 

Richie Paolino, Chief Advocate sports reporter

“Try new things.”

Allysa Calabrese, Chief Advocate reporter and two-sport athlete

“Take everything in, because everything goes by so quick.”