Chiefs Confident While Awaiting AP Scores


Jacob Gorlewski

Devon Zapatka, left, and Kevin Comerford study for their upcoming exams. These students are helping each other understand different mathematical equations to better help them prepare for these tests.

Jacob Gorlewski, Reporter

WOODBURY — With Advanced Placement exams finally over, the students of Nonnewaug give their first-hand accounts on the tests.

“The push back was a little inconvenient,” said Joe Velky, a senior whose AP Literature exam was delayed due to technical issues. “However, I think the test went well. Our teacher Mr. [Conor] Gereg did a good job of preparing us for the exam.”

With the exception of AP Literature, all other AP exams went according to schedule. AP students studied from class to class and day to night. 

“I wanted to make sure I was as ready as I could be for the AP Chem exam,” says Mason Pieger, an AP Chemistry student and junior at Nonnewaug. “With balancing my time with studying for more other APs like physics and baseball, it made it a little [challenging] to completely focus on Chem, but I still think I did better than I would have if I didn’t study.”

Students also felt that studying truly did make the exam a breeze.

“I think I did fine on my exam,” said John Paul Cuccia, senior AP Psychology student. ”I would say I got at least 3-4, and it was a lot easier than I thought since I studied kinda hard for it, but it was definitely worth the credit.”

Not only do the students learn from the preparations that go into their exams, but the teacher learns alongside them.

“My students would give me feedback after their exam on things to teach more or things I taught well,” says Ray Robillard, the AP Calculus teacher. “I think my students did very well. We got through all the content, reviewed, and the students worked unbelievably hard. Some students couldn’t attend every day, [but they could] watch the lessons they missed on our Google Classroom the same day.”

With many other students sharing the same opinions, it is safe to say Nonnewaug’s student body felt like they were readily prepared thanks to the hardworking teachers at our school. With the end of the year a mere few days away, the AP students will be heavily awaiting their results in early July.