To the Sound of Their Own Drum: Woodbury’s Good Hill Band Lights up the Stage

The Good Hill Band takes their practices outside to enjoy the summer while perfecting their craft.

The Good Hill Band/Instagram

The Good Hill Band takes their practices outside to enjoy the summer while perfecting their craft.

Devon Zapatka , Reporter

WOODBURY — Following the beat of the NHS music department, the Good Hill Band is a group of outgoing and knowledgeable students working hard to improve their musical talent.

Members Spencer Maletzke, Jackson Brent, Matt Canonico, and Enzo Pamplona strung together to make the Good Hill Band take new flight as one of the only student bands in the community.

“Our band started around early freshman year,” said Brent, a founder of the band. “I recruited people who had musical talent and picked a couple up along the way.”

According to Brent, the origin of the Good Hill Band’s name is commonly misinterpreted.  

“As many believe it is a street where one of our members lives,” said Brent. “It is actually a previous band that our drummer was in.”

Being a mix of kids from several musical backgrounds, the music selection is almost copious.

The band mostly resonates within the rock genre, covering famous songs while still incorporating their touch into the piece. 

“The band loves playing songs from the Beatles and Van Halen,” said Brent. “Our selection typically includes songs that prevail to our skills as a band.”

The Good Hill Band takes the stage in their first performance during Nonnewaug’s annual talent show. (Courtesy of Matthew Canonico)

The skills of members, though, are not a limiting factor to the band’s performance.

Maletzke is one of the several members of the band that utilizes his skills to bring new music to the table.

According to Canonico, the band’s drummer, Maletzke has the ability to produce music on a selection of instruments even incorporating his knowledge of melodic dictation to tune chords and decipher sight reading.

With a large horizon of songs, the Good Hill Band brews new crafts of tunes almost every Wednesday to practice in pursuit of better music.

“It’s great playing music with the band,” said Maletzke. “It has really helped us grow a relationship among the group.”

The Good Hill Band’s most recent performance was at the Nonnewaug talent show, where the band got to showcase their rendition of Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hot for Teacher by Van Halen.

According to Pamplona, the singer of the Good Hill Band, they are always looking for opportunities to play and share our music.

“Overall, we have a very talented band,” said Canonico. “I am always excited to work with them.”