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Spring Break a Great Time to Fit in College Visits

The library at the University of Virginia is one location that a student might visit on a tour of campus. Spring break is an opportunity for students to tour colleges. (Wikimedia Commons)

WOODBURY — Spring break — the week of relaxation, vacation, and no school. For many of the juniors at Nonnewaug High School, their vacation will consist of visiting colleges. 

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many juniors are already thinking about college. 

College and Career Resource Center counselor Kathy Green encourages students to go visit colleges and get hands-on experience exploring the campus.

“I think students can get a better sense of the culture on campus,” said Green. “When [college] students are on campus, our students can get a better sense of the student community, the community outside the academic classroom, and understanding the proximity to classes and housing.” 

For many, spring break is the only opportunity to travel and see the colleges they are interested in. 

Since most of her time is consumed with track, junior Ellie McDonald is using her spring break as an opportunity to visit schools. 

“We are going during spring break because most of my weekends are taken up with track,” said McDonald, who will visit schools in Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, and New York. “I want to run track, so spring break is the best chance to see the school while track is in season and there are people on campus.”

While many can use spring break as their chance to visit schools, many aren’t as fortunate. 

Between work and lacrosse, junior Julia Longoria doesn’t have time to visit schools. 

“Spring break isn’t the most ideal time for me to visit schools,”  said Longoria. “Most of spring break I will be working and focusing on sports.”

For students who can’t make it to a college during spring break, Green recommends trying to find a time when classes are still in session.

“Visit certainly when students are on campus, whether that’s during this spring before students depart or even during the fall,” said Green.

About the Contributor
Juliana Bailey '25
Juliana Bailey '25, Junior Editor
Juliana Bailey is a junior at Nonnewaug High School and is a junior editor for the NHS Chief Advocate. She is from Watertown and is a part of the ag program. She plays lacrosse and swims. As a first-year writer, she is looking forward to writing about sports and school events.
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