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The Seal of Biliteracy: A Certificate Worth Earning

Grace Lafferty ’24
On April 4, many students attended an informational meeting to prepare for the upcoming exam. The purpose of these meetings aren’t only to educate students, but get them excited to show off their skills and for what’s to come.

WOODBURY — The Seal of Biliteracy is an award given to students in recognition of their attained proficiency in two or more languages by the conclusion high school graduation. 

The test includes four sections, including interpretive listening, reading, speaking, and presentational writing. AAPPL, better known as the ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages, is available in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The exam first became available at Nonnewaug High School in 2021 and was introduced by NHS Spanish instructor Matthew Greaves.

“I began researching the test in 2021. I am now working with the literacy interventionist, Mrs. [Darcy] Lockwood,” Greaves said. 

With the Biliteracy testing right around the corner for April 9 and 10, various presentations have been held to inform students on what the test is about and the importance of taking it. (Grace Lafferty)

Following the inaugural test in 2021, it was then given in the spring of 2022. Since then, Greaves has made significant efforts to make it become an annual event. This year, the assessment will occur April 9 and 10. 

As many students here on campus gain interest in the test, one common question floods students’ minds: “How do I prepare for a language test like this one?” 

“Students should prepare for the test by continuing to study their respective second languages and seeking out all the great free resources online,” said Greaves. 

AAPPL certainly isn’t an easy assessment to pass. But, the Biliteracy Certificate gives students a reward to work for. Getting the award can benefit the test takers in many ways, by either helping them get into college or just getting recognition for their proficiencies. 

“Getting the Seal of Biliteracy award will look great on college applications and also job applications,” said Jennifer Trocolla, NHS special education teacher. “It can also benefit students towards speaking to other people in the world who speak that language that they got the award for.”

For students, this certificate is something that isn’t just a resume booster, but something NHS students are especially proud to attain.

“An award for biliteracy demonstrates students dedication to language learning, making them more competitive in college admissions and job applications,” said junior foreign exchange student Dominik Udvardi. “It also acknowledges students’ linguistic achievements while promoting the value of language diversity.

Want to learn more about this week’s testing? Join the Seal of Biliteracy Google Classroom with the code: q2kuert.

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Grace Lafferty ’24
Grace Lafferty is a senior at Nonnewaug High School and is in her first year with the Chief Advocate. She has a creative mind to finish everything that comes her way. She is very attentive when it comes to getting work done. Most importantly, she loves her yard full of tractors and fixing anything that comes her way.
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