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Students See Pros and Cons to Earlier 2024 Homecoming

Nonnewaug students, from left, Olivia Gwiazdoski, Ella Brown, Maia Colavito, Sophia Garguilo, Karli Brandt, Hailey Goldman, Gianna Geraci, Veronika Nicholas, Ella Quinn, Ava Hirleman, Julia Gwiazdoski, Audrey Doran, Addi Bushka, Aubrie Salisbury, and Jadyn Heron pose before the 2023 homecoming dance. (Courtesy of Addison Bushka)

WOODBURY — You’re still tan, it’s warm, and you get to reconnect with your friends you haven’t seen since the last day of school — these are just some of the reasons why plenty of Nonnewaug’s students are happy with the change of next year’s homecoming date. 

Nonnewaug’s 2024 homecoming will be held Sept. 20 at the Grand Oak Villa in Oakville, a date which is one month earlier than last year’s Oct. 20 dance at the Amber Room in Danbury.

Karen Sandor, Nonnewaug’s co-advisor of the Student Event Planning Committee, says the reason for the moved-up date is because of the already-scheduled homecoming football game. 

“The athletic directors from the different schools plan to see when the homecoming [football] game is and it just happened to be a month earlier,” Sandor said. 

Aubrey Waldron, a freshman at Nonnewaug, praises the idea of an earlier homecoming date as it is a good way for students to catch up after the summer break. 

“I think it’s a good idea because it’s a way to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while and just a good way to start off the year,” Waldron said. “I feel like some of the benefits could be spending time with people you haven’t seen, and it’s a fun way to encourage people to be involved in school.”

Not all students agree with Waldron, as they think the new date doesn’t give incoming students new to Nonnewaug the time to meet others. 

Elliana Selearis, a freshman, thinks homecoming should not be earlier. 

“I don’t think it should be earlier because as an incoming freshman, they’re not going to know anybody and all the people that are coming in are going to be having no friends and are going to be sitting alone,” Selearis said. 

Trevor Santopietro, a junior, feels similarly to Selearis. 

“I think it’s pretty stupid,” Santopietro said. “I think people need to get to know each other before, like with freshmen.” 

Hailey Goldman, a sophomore, thinks the earlier homecoming date gives a lot of opportunities and benefits for homecoming preparation. 

“I feel like coming out of the summer a little bit earlier, girls and guys will be more tan and I feel like when people are tan they have a lot of confidence,” said Goldman. “And nobody has to get a fake spray tan.” 

Freshman Ava Rickenbach agrees with Goldman that the earlier date can bring better conditions in a variety of ways. 

“I think it’s a good idea because we will still have our summer tans and we won’t be as swamped with work,” Rickenbach said. “It’s a better way to get connected with friends again and to see everyone. Since we will be closer to the warmer months, it’ll be a good time to have outdoor photos as the trees won’t be as dead.”

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Addison Bushka '27
Addison Bushka '27, Reporter
Addison Bushka is a freshman at Nonnewaug and writes for NHS Chief Advocate as a reporter. She lives in Woodbury and plays soccer for Nonnewaug. She enjoys writing about sports, school events, and the community.
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