Without In-Person Meetings, Woodbury FFA Turns to Edpuzzle


Courtesy of the Woodbury FFA

The Woodbury FFA has required students to watch its meetings via Edpuzzle and vote on motions via Google Classroom.

Sean Hanley, Ag/FFA Reporter

WOODBURY — This year, the Woodbury FFA has overcome a vast variety of challenges presented by remote learning, one of which was figuring out how to move forward with their monthly meetings. 

For the past few months, the Woodbury FFA has successfully held its meetings online. This started at the last meeting of the 2019-20 school year, for which all members were invited to join a Zoom video call. 

Now, for the 2020-21 school year, Google Meet has been the main connection source used by teachers and students. This works well for most classes, but in order to give members a better understanding of what is going on, Edpuzzle has been the source of the meetings. 

The officers film a socially-distanced meeting and then upload their meeting onto Edpuzzle, where students are given a due date for when they must finish watching the video. Teachers can use a dashboard to ensure all students watch the entire video.

Once students finish watching the Eduzzle, members vote on questions or motions via a Google Form that must be turned in on or before the due date of the meeting. This has been the same process used throughout these virtual meetings, except for the December 2020 meeting, which contained no voting.

As usual, FFA meetings are graded. The “grade will reflect that you have watched the ENTIRE Edpuzzle,” senior Tyler Leonard noted in the Woodbury FFA Google Classroom.

No late credit is given, so students must complete the assignment by the due date to receive credit.