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Nonnewaugs Scott Meyer, left, was honored as the recipient of the 2024 Michael H. Savage Spirit of Sport Award at the CAS-CIAC Scholar Athlete Banquet on May 5 at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington. (Courtesy of the CIAC)
Nonnewaug’s Meyer Wins Prestigious CIAC Perseverance Award
Gianna Lodice '24, Senior Editor • June 10, 2024
Nonnewaug boys soccer coach Toby Denman, left, and assistant coach Josh Kornblut address the team after a game last season. Denman says hes tried to learn how to be an effective coach by observing the ones hes played for and coached with. (Kyle Brennan)
Crocker: Coaches Can Have a Positive Impact — or a Negative One
Anna Crocker '26, Junior Editor • June 10, 2024
Nonnewaugs Ellie McDonald dribbles the ball during a game last season. McDonalds nickname is Smellie -- one of many Chief names that exist on the girls soccer team. (Courtesy of Noreen Chung)
The (Nick)name Game: Teammates Bond Over Inside Jokes
Audrey Doran '27, Reporter • June 10, 2024
Kyle Viveros is ready on his toes, awaiting the ball. Viveros and Landon Parks took home the BL doubles title. (Courtesy of Sophia Cenatiempo)
Nonnewaug Repeats as Class S State Runner-Up in Boys Tennis (PHOTOS)
Addison Bushka '27, Reporter • June 10, 2024
Chief Advocate editor-in-chief Izzy DiNunzio bids farewell after four years in Nonnewaugs journalism program. (Courtesy of Izzy DiNunzio)
DiNunzio: Journalism is More Than Just Words
Izzy DiNunzio '24, Editor-In-Chief • June 10, 2024
Deme Jones looks at students orphan portraits at Nonnewaug’s art show on June 6.
Artists 'Shine' at Nonnewaug's Annual Art Show (PHOTOS)
Brynn Clampett '26, Reporter • June 7, 2024
The memorial for Chester Carruthers. (Courtesy of Find-a-Grave)
The Chief Suspect Podcast: Chester Carruthers
Izzy DiNunzio '24, Editor-in-Chief • June 7, 2024
Nonnewaug girls tennis seniors, from left, Maggie Keane, Skylar Chung, Maylan Hardisty, Kiley Stampp, Sam Duncan pose on their senior night. (Courtesy of Noreen Chung)
Senior Athletes Feel Mixed Emotions as High School Careers End
Ava Hirleman '27, Reporter • June 7, 2024
Lets Talk Nonne: Year-End Wrap-Up
Let's Talk Nonne: Year-End Wrap-Up
Katie Savulak '26 and Morgan Willis '26June 7, 2024
Nonnewaug freshmen discuss their worries about the testing, including potential AP exams, they have to take next year.
Savulak: AP Tests Aren't That Stressful
Katie Savulak '26, Reporter • June 6, 2024

DiNunzio: Journalism is More Than Just Words

Chief Advocate editor-in-chief Izzy DiNunzio bids farewell after four years in Nonnewaug’s journalism program. (Courtesy of Izzy DiNunzio)

The first time I realized journalism made an impact was when I hugged a crying stranger my freshman year.

“I appreciate you so much,” she said through her tears.

I had reached out about covering a story on a 40-year-old cold-case murder. It was an assignment for me, but a grand gesture to her. 

Journalism is more than just words.

Four years in B10. I looked up to Kamden Bushka freshman and sophomore year, then I looked up to Sam Conti junior year, then somehow I became the person people looked up to. 

Editor-in-chief? Honestly, I don’t deserve that kind of title.

I lost an entire month of my senior year due to a reckless decision that I won’t ever be able to take back.

But you should look up to me?

The weekend after, I came to school and I was able to talk to Mr. Brennan about it, something I would have never felt comfortable doing if I hadn’t been in this program.

The dude’s seen me sit on my phone all class, turn in assignments late, and honestly do completely nothing on some days. 

Yet no matter what, he pushed me to do better and to achieve things I didn’t even know I could do. 

That’s how I found my passion. 

Journalism is more than just words.

Journalism taught me more than any math class or any science class.

Journalism taught me it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone – actually, it’s kind of a requirement. 

It’s the only class where you can truly bring your own interests into every assignment. 

Of course the periods, commas, and semicolons get an eye roll, but I still signed up for the class year after year. 

I have always wanted to go into the criminal justice field, but journalism cemented that for me. I especially want to work in victim services because some cold-case victims have no stories about them, except from their obituary 20, 30, or 40 years ago. 

I’m not going to continue journalism because I like to write, or even because I like to read.

I’m going to continue journalism because there’s a world of people out there who have yet to tell their story.

This is the opinion of Chief Advocate editor-in-chief Izzy DiNunzio, a Nonnewaug senior and four-year contributor to the Chief Advocate who will attend the University of New Haven.

About the Contributor
Izzy DiNunzio '24
Izzy DiNunzio '24, Editor-in-Chief
Izzy DiNunzio is the editor-in-chief for the Chief Advocate and a four-year journalism student. Izzy wants to go to Florida State next fall and major in criminology with a potential minor in journalism.
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