NHS Freshman Can Solve Rubik’s Cube in Seconds


Izzy DiNunzio

Nonnewaug freshman Michelangelo DiNunzio can solve a Rubik’s cube in about 10 seconds.

Izzy DiNunzio, Reporter

The 3-by-3 Rubik’s cube has 43 quintillion different combinations — and Nonnewaug freshman Michelangelo DiNunzio can find the correct one in 10 seconds.

The Rubik’s cube is a complex puzzle that many people attempt to solve but have been stumped by for generations. 

The freshman started doing Rubik’s cubes after he broke his hand during the summer after fourth grade.

“I learned how to solve the puzzle from beginner videos on YouTube,” DiNunzio said. “The Rubik’s cube is fun; every mix-up is a new challenge. You may think it takes skill, but it doesn’t; it just requires time and effort.”

In sixth grade, he performed at the talent show completing 2-by-2, 3-by-3, and a 4-by-4 Rubik’s cubes in just 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Now, he can solve them all in 1:45.

DiNunzio has a 9-by-9 Rubik’s cube which takes him 38 minutes to solve. He also has a 6-by-6, which takes him 4 minutes to complete. In total, he has 91 similar puzzles. DiNunzio also wants to start a Rubik’s cube club at the high school. 

“Mick is always giving me an update on how he’s improving and what his recent best time is on the cube,” said Kyle Brennan, who teaches DiNunzio’s world history class. “You can tell he is very passionate about it.”

The world record for solving the 3-by-3 cube is 3.47 seconds. DiNunzio said he hopes to beat that someday.