Fun Returning to Halloween This Year


David Menidrey/Unsplash

The world is a little bit more normal this fall, which should lead to some traditional Halloween fun.

Ryan Duda, Reporter

Over the last year COVID-19 has impacted many things — trips getting canceled and people losing family members because of the sudden pandemic. 

But the upcoming holidays and school activities are going to be even better because last year we didn’t have any of this.

Trick or Treat Street returned to Nonnewaug on Oct. 23, and everything in this month everyone is looking forward to, like Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, will be back, too.

Even people who don’t like holidays are feeling good about this year.

“I don’t like Halloween, but this year is going to be a lot more fun than last year,” Nonnewaug senior Ryan Smith said.

A lot of the bigger holidays are coming up as well, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. This year is going to be great for the holidays because we can see our families again and go places we couldn’t go last year, plan trips or even stay at home.

“I am looking forward to this last few months,” Smith said.