Stay, Stay, Stay, and Read the Top 10 Songs of Red (Taylor’s Version)

Alyssa DeMarest, Reporter

WOODBURY — Nov. 12 was a big day for Swifties with Taylor Swift re-releasing her album Red. Red (Taylor’s Version) is a rollercoaster of songs that bring both joy and tears to its listeners. This was the second album she has re-recorded so far. The purpose of these new albums is to now own her music.

The decision to sell directly to fans, circumventing record labels, is a new paradigm shift in the music industry. While this has been done before by lesser artists, Swift’s choice is the first of a high-profile artist.

In regard to the tracks featured, the album includes all of Swift’s original songs, while also including new songs that are labeled as “(From The Vault).”

  1. “Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version)”

This track is a classic song seen on the original Red album. While it’s a good song and deserves to be in the top ten, there are better songs on the album, especially now that the new album contains songs “From The Vault.”

  1. “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (feat. Chris Stapleton)”

This song made it into the top ten for it’s lyrics. The song explains different instances where someone may be reminded of someone else and a notable lyric of the song is, “I bet you think about me when you say/ ‘Oh my God, she’s insane, she wrote a song about me.’”

  1. “22 (Taylor’s Version)”

This was one of the most popular songs off of the original Red album and the re-recording only made it better. Now that the re-recording exists, the class of ‘22 has no reason not to be playing it at every school function because I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ‘22.

  1. “Come Back…Be Here (Taylor’s Version)”

This song is great because of the open ended nature of it. Listeners are able to tie it to different experiences of their own. There isn’t an established reason for the “goodbye” exchanged in the song, leaving it up to the listeners to interpret. The lyrics tell the story wonderfully.

  1. “Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version)”

One of the more lively songs on the album, “Stay Stay Stay” is catchy and fun. With many songs on the album being a bit wistful, this song about the happiness of a perfect relationship and is a nice change.

  1. “Girl At Home (Taylor’s Version)”

With Red being Swift’s transition to pop, this song is a perfect example of the intentions of this album. The re-recorded version of the song is refreshingly upbeat and at a faster pace.

Photo Credit: Spotify
  1. “Red (Taylor’s Version)”

As the namesake of the album, it’s only fair that “Red” made it into the top ten. The song includes numerous similes and metaphors that work to portray the emotions featured in the track. 

  1. “The Very First Night (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

Another one of the album’s more fun songs. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, and it’s lively. For this reason, it belongs in the top three.

  1. “Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

This song gets spot number two for how enjoyable it is as it showcases Swift’s into the world of pop. After listening it’s hard to believe this track wasn’t featured on the original album. 

  1. “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (from The Vault)”

This was one of the most anticipated songs and it did not disappoint. The song is the basis of a short film that was written and directed by Taylor Swift. As for the song, it’s a lyrical masterpiece. Swift tells the story of a past relationship and is able to make the song relatable, while being specific about her experience. We get lines like, “And I was thinking on the drive down, any time now/ He’s gonna say it’s love, you never called it what it was,” and “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.” Despite all the tears this has already caused, it’s the most memorable song on the album.

The song has also led to an increase in people who resent Jake Gyllenhaal. The song is thought to be about him and Swift’s prior relationship. After hearing what Swift has to say, he deserves the backlash he’s getting as he’s alluded to throughout the track. Lines include, “You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine/ And that made me want to die,” and “And I was never good at telling jokes, but the punch line goes/ ‘I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age.’” 

Red (Taylor’s Version) can now be found on all major streaming platforms.