Having a Ball? Nonnewaug’s Possible Winter Dance


In a recent Chief Advocate survey, 94.3% of students voted “yes” for a 2021-22 winter dance.

Autumn Johnson, Reporter

WOODBURY — As the winter months begin to roll in, the number of school events held at Nonnewaug begins to decline. While Nonnewaug holds fall and spring events for the school such as homecoming and prom, some feel as if the students could benefit from another event, such as a winter dance.  

A dance this upcoming winter could be another time for students of all grades to come together as one and to create a more unified school community. Many schools in the area hold a winter dance, which may be less significant than a homecoming dance but fun nonetheless. The Chief Advocate sent out to survey students asking who would like to attend a winter dance if one were to be held on campus. 

The survey results collected 53 responses from students. Among the 53 responses, 94.3% said they would be interested in attending the event, while only 5.7% were not.

Nonnewaug principal Pam Sordi she had stated the upsides and downsides to this possible event. 

I do believe students enjoy social events the school can offer,” Sordi said. “The homecoming dance was very well attended and students enjoyed the opportunity to be together to eat, dance and have fun.”

Despite optimism for the event, there is a roadblock to a winter dance at Nonnewaug.

“COVID numbers are on the rise and some current recommendations are that any school student events of a social nature shall be held outdoors only (spring and summer),” Sordi said. “We were able to offer homecoming in the fall when numbers were low, so we just have to be aware of the most recent health guidance because we are a public institution and are responsible for the health and safety of all.”

While there is not an event set in schedule at this point in time, there is a possibility for it to occur, depending on the COVID outbreak in the next few months.