Nonnewaug Baseball and Softball Continue Quest for BL Royalty


Kim Calabrese

The Nonnewaug softball season is in full swing, and the players are excited about their brand new fence for the upcoming season.

Ben Stewart, Sports Reporter

WOODBURY — Some athletes have been waiting for spring all year; the baseball and softball programs of Nonnewaug high school have been playing in their first few games. The expectations are especially high for these teams this year in their quest for Berkshire League titles. 

“A Berkshire League title this year would mean a lot for the entire program,” states junior Ryan Ponte. “It has been around 22 years since Nonnewaug’s last league title. One of our goals as a team is to win the Berkshire League, so it would be an amazing accomplishment for this group.”

Players are looking forward to their long awaited season as these Nonnewaug teams begin to settle into their eagerly anticipated seasons. According to the baseball team, everyone is completely committed to the training and players have created a strong bond as a unit. 

“It’s great to see everyone on this team entirely motivated to achieve their goals,” Ponte added.

Both the baseball and softball teams are expected to draw large crowds to their action-packed games. All of the excitement in a baseball game is amplified tremendously with big hits and home runs, which fuel the anticipation of what’s to follow. Anything can happen before the pitcher throws the ball, and with an introduction of a brand new fence on both fields, the addition just adds to the excitement of being at a Nonnewaug baseball or softball game. It’s safe to say there will be plenty more exciting games this spring. 

“Our main objective is to of course win the BL title this year,” Ponte said. “We are hoping to take this momentum into the state tournament, and one of our other goals is to win states.”

A title drought isn’t exclusive to the baseball program. NHS softball hasn’t taken home the league title since 2007. Atop this season’s to-do list is reaffirming the Chiefs as a league power. 

“My goal for softball this year is to compete for the BL title,” said senior and co-captain Bri Hynds, catcher for the 5-2 Chiefs. “Last year, I saw a lot of potential and I think this year we can take home the title. The team is building as a whole and turning into a family, which I think is a goal for every year.” 

These Nonnewaug programs have been playing in highly competitive games since the end of March and have been putting in the work, adding to the build up of this spring season.

Both teams have always been successful when they have played together over the years. 

“I think that playing as a team is one of the most important things to have as a group,” states junior Dylan Chung, a starting pitcher and third baseman for the 9-0 Chiefs. “I believe that the team we have this year has definitely come together as a unit, and we all love to play together. This contributes to a lot of success in sports, and especially our team.”

This will surely be a major goal in their quest for the Berkshire League title this season. Nonnewaug hasn’t had an opportunity like this for spring sports in many years. If these teams continue to put in the hard work and sacrifice their time, it will definitely be a fun spring this year, but only time will tell.