Senior Assassin Tradition is Back, Bringing Senior Class Together



One way to stay safe from your target is by carrying an 8 pound watermelon.

Samantha Conti, Senior Editor and Sports Editor

WOODBURY — After a long, hard day at school for most, the day for many seniors is just beginning. Senior Assassin — a competitive, light-hearted, fun tradition intended to bring the senior class together — is played at schools across the nation. The goal of the game is to eliminate all your targets and be the last team standing to win a large cash prize.

The optional game is not affiliated or sanctioned by Nonnewaug itself, but is a tradition that seniors have passed down for decades. 

“It’s so much fun for the class because we are all in it together and get to be creative. It brings us all together by making us all carry the watermelon and create allies,” said senior Sofia Pagnamenta. 

Senior Assassin consists of teams of two and each pair of two is given a target team of two to eliminate. Once the team eliminates their target they will assume the other team’s targets to eliminate next. If a team’s teammate is eliminated, the only way to get them back in is for the remaining player to eliminate their target team.

Once someone is eliminated, the Instagram @nonnewaugseniorassassin2022 posts the person as evidence that they are out. 

To eliminate a player, you must use a water gun or water balloon with clear water. One way to stay safe from your target in Nonnewaug’s game is by carrying around an eight-pound watermelon. All around the area, seniors are seen carrying watermelons to avoid being eliminated. 

Safe zones are put in place to keep the game in check. During school hours, the school is a safe zone, as well as the fields during school sporting events, but watch out, because once you leave school grounds its game on. 

The seniors that choose to participate take the game extremely seriously going out of their way to eliminate and track down their targets. The seniors transform into FBI agents to track down and eliminate their partners, tricking people into believing everything. 

Students have been found driving great lengths and camping out by peoples houses waiting for them to make the mistake of walking outside without their watermelon. 

“I am so paranoid that I check my bushes every time I leave my house. Carrying an eight-pound watermelon feels a little silly, but a lot of seniors are doing it so it’s not that bad,” said Pagnamenta.  

Those seniors can’t hold onto those watermelons for much longer. As the game progresses the watermelons will no longer be valid for keeping you safe. That’s where the real challenge begins.