Chinese New Year a Celebration of Happiness, Hope


Ridwan Meah/Unsplash

The dragon is one of many symbols used to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Boe Stokes, Junior Chief Advocate

Vibrant, lively, picturesque dragons dance in the street. Prance after prance, the swiftly moving dragons dance under the fireworks. This breathtaking tradition is celebrated in China. Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world where these dragon dances are smiled upon. 

Chinese New Year is celebrated because of the moon. When the new moon arrives, the new year begins. The new moon typically comes between Jan. 31 and Feb. 15 of each year.

Chinese New Year is all about happiness and tradition. Joy is a must on Chinese New Year — it is the time of year that everyone is filled with happiness and kindness.

New Year’s Eve in New York City is hectic — there are lights everywhere and crowds of people in one spot listening to the news reporters. Chinese New Year, on the other hand, is more laid back. Everyone comes, hangs out, and eats a lot. A lot of what Chinese New Year is about is the meaning behind certain superstitions. Do you know what the Chinese dragon signifies?


Everyone decorates the streets with red lanterns and other red decorations. The color red brings prosperity and good energy. On this special day, only positive and joyful behaviors are welcomed.

According to an article on, “In preparation for the holiday, houses are traditionally thoroughly cleaned to rid them of ‘huiqi,’ or inauspicious breaths, which might have collected during the old year.

People like to start the new year off nice and fresh, open for new moments. Having a clean house for the start of the year opens up your home to make new memories.


Food — delicious substances we put in our mouth to fulfill a craving. Food is a big part of all cultures, but for Chinese New Year, food is the star of the show. Loads of food are piled on tables, including stir fries, seaweed salads, and egg rolls that line the wall on top of a silk red tablecloth. 

Jie Yu, a Middlebury resident, celebrates Chinese New Year.

“My favorite Chinese New Year tradition is the family dinners where I get to eat all the special new year’s dishes we don’t get to eat during the year,” Jie said.

Food means a lot on this day to the people who celebrate this unique holiday. Lots of the food that is served has a meaning. Dumplings are just one example. Dumplings signify wealth in the future. The more you eat, the wealthier you could become.

There could also be a coin in your dumpling — sounds like a dentist appointment, right? Actually, the coin in the dumpling stands for good fortunes to come in the new year. Chinese New year, here I come. I have to get some dumplings!

Zodiac Signs and Superstitions 

Chinese New Year is a lot about good fortune. Money is the heart of this holiday. Almost everything that you touch on Chinese New Year has a meaning or purpose. For example, the dragons — magnificent creatures that sway around the streets are a symbol of good luck, health, and strength.

Any citrus fruit is a common gift because they bring good luck and happiness to a home. Getting together is always a way to celebrate, why not bring oranges.

 “I love that during Chinese New Year we have big gatherings,” said Jie.

Celebrating with lots of people is where it’s at when it comes to Chinese New Year. 

Smiling faces all around you, people having conversations, the slight sound of giocoso music in the background — this is what every day should feel like. This is what Chinese New Year feels like.

All in all, Chinese New Year is about just having a good time and celebrating life with the people you love. Chinese New Year represents this quote by the Dalai Lama: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”