Competitive Energy Marks Senior Field Day


Gage Barrow-Kulesza

Teams compete in the whipped cream eating contest at Senior Field Day.

Gage Barrow-Kulesza, Reporter

WOODBURY — Nonnewaug got the opportunity Sept. 30 to witness a competitive energy spread through the field as the class of 2023 went head-to-head in classic Senior Field Day activities.

More than 120 seniors came together and had a fun time all around, reminiscing about their elementary school field days and making new memories. Senior Field Day marked the beginning of the end for the class of 2023.

It started off with trivia about Nonnewaug teachers, where each question was worth a half-point. Apparently, The Shrimps don’t pay attention to their educators — they had the lowest score of 0.5. The highest score was 7.5 from team Pretty Big. Chicks and Hicks and The Breakfast Club tied for second in trivia, both accumulated seven points. Hot Wheels and Bananarama scored six points.

Next was Project Paper Runway, where teams dressed one of their team members up following a theme written on a piece of paper they had to quickly grab using a variety of supplies provided to them. First place went to Bananarama, who dressed their teammate Sarah Cipriani up as a minion. Second place was tied between team Hot Wheels, who dressed Caroline Martinetto as a senior citizen, and Megi’s Megatron, who dressed Ava Witte as a ballerina. Third place went to Chicks and Hicks, who dressed Joe Velky up as a construction worker.

After that, head-to-head competitions began. Students enjoyed a variety of activities including childhood favorites: musical chairs, whipped cream-eating contest and egg toss, dodgeball, family feud, tug-of-war, sponge bucket relay, inflatable jousting, and an inflatable obstacle course. 

“It’s going so great,” said Pawlowski, member of The Crayons. She was dressed as a black crayon, representing her team.

And she’s not the only one who thought so. Many seniors enjoyed the time away from class having fun.

“It’s going really well; I really enjoy it,” said Sophie Pape, a team member from Pretty Big. Her team was wearing white shirts with the words “Pretty Big” written on them with a marker.

Many seniors insisted that their team was the best. Their egos really shined through, creating a competitive, energetic event.

“All the other teams probably [stink],” said Megi Gorka, the leader of Megi’s Megatrons.

Gorka’s team managed to score 15 points during the head-to-head competitions. The Flamin’ Freckles, however, showed no signs of slowing down. They scored the most out of everyone in this event, walking off the field with 80 points. Second place went to Nights Watch with 70 points, and third place was Chicks and Hicks with 55 points.

After a fun morning of activities, seniors ate pizza for lunch before heading to the turf and field for a variety of challenges. They went back into the cafeteria to finish the day with cookies, giveaways, awards, and photos. The Flamin’ Freckles, captained by Ben Faraci, won the overall competition.