Tennis Teams Savor Trip to Hilton Head


The girls tennis team poses with trainers from the Van Der Meer tennis camp in Hilton Head, South Carolina. (Noreen Chung)

HILTON HEAD, S.C. The Nonnewaug boys and girls tennis teams set off for Hilton Head, South Carolina to improve their tennis game March 21. Much more came out of the trip than just tennis – they made memories to last a lifetime.

The balmy weather was a perk amid the chilly early spring in New England.

“The weather fluctuated only slightly, but the temperature was nice,” said Hamza Asipi, a senior. “The seafood was fresh and delicious. The tennis coaches were very helpful.” 

“The trip was really memorable,” said Diego Razo, a senior. “It was an amazing experience for all of us and I’ll cherish every memory.”

Many others share a similar view.

“I really enjoyed my time,” said Carley Shook, a senior. “ I loved going on late-night walks and just being in warm weather. It was a great time with friends.”

Click through a photo gallery of the Chiefs’ trip to Hilton Head below.