Where is the Blaze? Color Blaze Postponed


Jamie Paige

Committee members stayed after school April 21 to fill the color bottles that are used during the color blaze.

Genieva Pawlowski, Campus News Editor

WOODBURY — Cold and wet weather are never a good mix, especially when mixed with the vibrant colored powder that is used in the annual color blaze at Nonnewaug High School. The date was set for April 27 along with the final spirit week of the year, starting April 24.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Nonnewaug Events Club and administration have been keeping an eye on the weather to ensure that it would hold out for the day of the blaze. However, even this could not prepare the committee for the upcoming weather delay.

Tricia Brown, the Events Club advisor, has bought all the supplies needed for the pep rally that was postponed along with the color blaze. The cart included many bags of the powder and secret items to surprise the student body with in May. (Jamie Paige)

Many students remember how hard the powder was to get out without adding the water to the mix, and agree that it was a good idea to postpone.

“I really like the color blaze, so I feel like its good we waited,” says Luke Tarini, a junior at NHS. “It would be ruined if we didn’t.”

With this being the last spirit week of the year, and last spirit week for the senior class, some were concerned about the status of that being postponed or canceled.

“This spirit week is not canceled,” says Brown. “We will plan a different theme for Thursday.”

In place of the color blaze, the committee is going to fill it in with another spirit day.

When asked if the blaze being moved was beneficial or a setback to the committee, Brown responded with the word “positive.”

With the move of the color blaze, more students can attend as there are no field trips that day and less conflicts,” says Brown.

Chiefs, be ready to have the color blaze on Friday, May 12. Be sure to wear clothes that you do not care about and to grab your white shirts on the way in.