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Prom a Great Opportunity to Make Memories

Nonnewaug student Lucas Savarese fishes in his suit prior to last year’s prom. Now a senior, Savarese is preparing for prom by sprucing up his truck and planning to buy flowers for his date. (Courtesy of Lucas Savarese)

WOODBURY — The room is dark, people are laughing, lights are shimmering throughout the room and everyone is dressed to impress on the dance floor. Prom is the night for memories and fun. 

Nonnewaug’s prom is set for June 1 at the Amber Room in Danbury. Prom creates memories that can be remembered for decades.

The best part of Nonnewaug High School principal Mykal Kuslis’ experience as a student was his senior prom.

“We went to a farm in Watertown with about 20 of my friends and it was just a fun experience,” said Kuslis. 

Students get ready for prom by getting their hair done and finding flowers, but the advantage of living in such a rural area creates the special opportunity of a variety of places to take pictures. Nonnewaug’s parking lot is packed to the brim with trucks, something that is treasured by many students. Consequently, the trucks usually end up in the prom pictures. 

“I am getting flowers for my significant other but also doing work on my truck and cleaning it,” said Nonnewaug senior Lucas Savarese. 

Flowers and a truck make for memorable pictures for the future. Pictures can help bring back memories like Kuslis did with his friends at prom.

For girls, it takes more to get ready. They get their nails, hair, and makeup done — but finding a dress is the hardest part. 

“I borrowed a dress from my mom’s boss’ daughter,” said Emily Thomas, a sophomore at Nonnewaug. “It was hard for me to find one that was what I liked and for a good price.”

Girls typically have to buy a dress, unlike boys who have the option to rent a tuxedo. 

It can be surprising to see what people are wearing to prom — and it could be interesting to see students switch from casual to formal.

“The greatest thing is seeing you guys all dressed up and the girls all decked out with their hair and how fantastic you guys look,” said wellness teacher Kathryn Brenner. “It’s like looking at someone you know in school, then seeing someone at prom, it’s like, wow, it’s just so cool.”

On a usual school day at Nonnewaug, it’s a given you’ll see kids dressed up in ripped jeans, boots, grass stains, oil, and mud, a collection of marks from their job, working with animals, or from the shop at school. 

Yet on prom night, you see a different side to the people walking by in the hallway.

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R.J. Barksdale '25
R.J. Barksdale '25, Reporter
R.J. Barksdale is a junior at Nonnewaug. He likes sports and plays football and baseball. He also is part of the ag program. R.J. is from Beacon Falls and is interested in writing about sports.
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