Nonnewaug’s Drama Club Presents Seussical The Musical on June 5


The Nonnewaug High School drama club (pictured) celebrates their hard work with some emoji cookies.

Ally Roche, Arts Reporter

WOODBURY — The Nonnewaug High School Drama Club will be performing an open air production of Seussical The Musical at Nonnewaug High School on Saturday, June 5, at 4 p.m. Seussical will be performed outdoors at the NHS flagpole and is free of charge for attendees. 

The production will follow all covid protocols, but the performers will not need to wear masks while on-stage and appropriately distanced.

Shannon Denihan, the director of Seussical and Nonnewaug High School’s drama club adviser, recently spoke to The Chief Advocate about the school’s 2021 production.  “It will be at Nonnewaug at the main entrance as part of ‘A Day of Music.’ It will close out the day. We will perform with sets and costumes, but being outside will not have lighting or microphones.” 

Denihan added, “There will be 200 seats available for people to watch and will be socially distant.” Family, friends, and locals are welcome to come watch the show free-of-charge.

Cast and crew are excited to bring the production to audiences this weekend, and they spoke about some of their favorite upcoming scenes. 

“This year I am playing the sour kangaroo, and I am most proud that I was able to learn my solo and riffs in “Biggest Blame Fool” after not being super confident of my singing. Learning this part definitely helped with that”, said Olivia Braga, a senior at Nonnewaug and a performer in the show.

“I am excited to see Seussical come together,” said Denihan. “I am endlessly proud of my kids and how hard they have worked. Starting the rehearsal process entirely remote and then only returning to in person rehearsals for a short time, my ‘small but mighty’ cast has given their whole hearts to this production, and I am so excited for people to see them shine.” 

She added, “I am beyond excited, even though it is not how we would typically perform the spring musical. I am thrilled that we get to perform in front of a live audience, even if it’s modified to accommodate covid times.”

Elizabeth Scalzo, a junior and lead in this year’s production, said, “I really am proud of the cast and how we are pulling things together. I’m most excited about getting on the stage! Musical theater is my passion and I can’t wait to finally be on stage and performing!”

Jordie Oliveira, also a junior and performer in the show, choreographed the play. Oliveira, who has years of experience with dance, talked about how she was able to balance choreographing and performing . “I just really took a deep breath and focused on the choreography I was giving everyone. My character just comes in and sings not that often so it wasn’t too hard.”

Another student who helped out in putting together the show was Nargis Meghani, a junior at Nonnewaug High School and stage manager for the show.

“I have helped with multiple little things or just wherever help is needed; so playing the tracks during rehearsals, answering any questions the cast/crew have, lending an ear to anyone who needs it, and making sure we’re all focused and having a great time!” 

“This is my first year of being in drama, and as stage manager I am super proud of everyone that has been involved with the show; Cast, crew, parents, everyone! We’ve all put in so much to make this show happen and it’s so exciting to see it all come together! It’s been a pretty rough year, so the fact that there is a show is such a great feeling! I am so excited for everyone to see the cast and crew work hard! It’s gonna be amazing!” said Meghani.

She added, “To anyone interested in drama and thinking about joining, I highly recommend that you do! It’s such a great experience, you make a ton of new friends, challenge yourself, learn something new and get to be a part of an amazing family! Hope we’ll see you at the show and/or drama next year!”

This will be the last show for some, as the seniors say goodbye to the cast. 

Braga, a senior, spoke about her feelings on the eve of her last show. “Knowing this is my last show makes me pretty sad. This cast and our director are like my family, and thinking about leaving them makes me upset. I am so sad that my senior show is coming to an end! I have been doing drama since fifth grade, so the club has been a big part of my life.”

Juniors Scalzo and Oliveira commented on saying goodbye to their senior friends.

“I’m sad about the show ending. This season has made all of us so much closer, like more of a family… It makes me sad to think that the seniors won’t be there next year,” said Scalzo. 

“I ‘m really sad it’s coming to an end,” added Oliveira. “I’m glad because I cannot wait for summer, but also sad because of how many great memories I’ve made this year. I’m gonna miss the seniors so much. It’s heartbreaking that they are leaving, but I can’t wait to see what they do.”

Denihan also commented on how she feels about her departing seniors. “This is a particularly tough year to say goodbye to my seniors. Both Ally and Olivia were freshman the year I started at Nonnewaug. I’ve watched them grow and shine over the past four years and show so much dedication to the drama club. It will be sad to see them go, but I know they will go on to achieve amazing things.”

Come see the Nonnewaug High School’s production of Seussical on June at 4 p.m. It’s free for anyone who’d like to come. Bring your friends, family, tell your neighbor, and regain some normalcy after this unfortunate pandemic. 

For more information on the upcoming show or drama department as a whole, contact Shannon Denihan at [email protected] or Dr. Bouchard, music director, at [email protected].