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Seniors Proud of AP Art Portfolios (PHOTOS)

WOODBURY — Nonnewaug’s seniors in AP Art and the National Art Honor Society have been working very hard to finish their portfolios to close off the year.

Throughout the year, students in AP Art work hard for their final result: their portfolios. A student’s portfolio consists of 10 pieces of art made over the course of the whole school year. Each student picks a focus and topic that all of their projects will be based on. They have total freedom about their selection.

“They have to create an inquiry question, something that they are investigating. They have to visually communicate the answer to the question they are proposing,” Desjardins says. “So then from there they take all their process, sketches, ideas, experimenting materials, and putting all that together, they have 10 pieces that they do throughout the year and with that they can answer their own question.”

One of the portraits in Madison Willis’ AP Art portfolio. (Courtesy of Madison Willis)

Senior Madison Willis’ most prized art piece from her AP Art project portfolio. The medium she used was stippling with pens, which is one of her specialties. This piece in particular was inspired by other stipple projects she has done and seen.

“I’m most proud of this piece because it took me a very long time and I really like the detail in it,” Willis explains.

Although her big inspiration was from one of the friends she made through the arts. The portrait features Regan Moran, a freshman at UConn and 2023 Nonnewaug grad. The piece was completed Willis’ junior year, during which she focused on exploring emotion.

One of the portraits in Rubie Lombardi’s AP Art portfolio. (Courtesy of Rubie Lombardi)

Senior Rubie Lombardi’s AP Art portfolio focused on finding happiness and comfort in one’s solitude and femininity.

“I’m proud of how the textures came out in the sweater, and I think the tone and coloring is one of the best I’ve ever done,” says Lombardi.

One of the portraits in Emily Matozzo’s AP Art portfolio. (Courtesy of Emily Matozzo)

Senior Emily Mattozzo created a best-in-show piece.

“I’m proud of how the leaves came out and I love the use of colors I used to create unity throughout the whole piece,” Mattozzo explained.

One of the portraits in Luke Cenatiempo’s AP Art portfolio. (Courtesy of Luke Cenatiempo)

Senior Luke Cenatiempo is proudest of a piece called “Swinging Back in Time.”

“My portfolio is about reminiscing about youth and it is a collection of works that mirror exactly that: adults acting like children,” Cenatiempo says. “From playing on the swings to taking a bubble bath, adults want to reminisce on the simple days.”

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Morgan Willis '27
Morgan Willis '27, Reporter
Morgan Willis is a freshman at Nonnewaug and a first-year reporter for the NHS Chief Advocate. She is a part of Freshman Class Council and the National Art Honor Society. She loves to get involved with lots of aspects of the school. She loves to write about pop culture, sports, and the school community.
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